Racoon Control

These Baby Raccoons are only about 3 weeks old, we removed them from a ceiling,

As mankind slowly encroaches on the wilderness surrounding our urban areas, native wildlife species are displaced. These animals are often seeking shelter when they move into your home. Their presence in your home can be a nuisance and a serious risk.

Dan Phillips, Certified Wildlife Biologist, and owner of ALL THINGS WILD, LLC is committed to solving your wildlife problem in the safest, most humane, and most effective way possible.  Dan and his expert staff have been working with wildlife in the Columbia, SC area for over a decade and they understand the behavior of our local fuzzy neighbors. In addition to helping South Carolinians with nuisance wildlife issues, they also offer “Green” insect control, Hunting Land Consulting, and Backyard Wildlife Improvements.

ALL THINGS WILD controls and manages wildlife in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of South Carolina, and of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources governing nuisance wildlife control. We use INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT control techniques in resolving human and animal conflicts. INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT, entails assessment of the whole picture in a given situation, and then combining several strategies for effectively and quickly eliminating the problem.

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