Are ArmadillosĀ invading your yard?

Armadillo are a species that is relatively new to the midlands of South Carolina. They live in underground burrows which usually have an entrance hole about the size of a volleyball. Armadillo are insectivores who are most active during the night. They use their keen sense of smell to find worms, grubs, and insects living just below the surface of the ground.

What kind of damage do ArmadillosĀ do?

Their damage usually looks like small holes dug in the grass similar to what a squirrel does to bury an acorn. These holes can be very numerous and will eventually destroy your lawn. Armadillo can also be a carrier of Leprosy, a flesh rotting disease that can be transferred to humans. ALL THINGS WILD can trap and remove armadillos from your property to stop the damage and health risks associated with these animals. Please call us to discuss your options for armadillo control services.