Armadillo Removal

Around the city of Charleston, South Carolina, homeowners have a need for armadillo removal. they are common in the area and can be a nuisance. They like loose soil; so they can be found in many yards and grassy open areas throughout the Charleston County area.

In addition to burrowing in lawns, they can be found under decks, patios, and porches. They are commonly called “dillo” and eats insects, like earthworms, grubs and others found in lawns. If they burrow into your yard you will find a pile of dirt on your lawn near the opening. It was put there as they dig out the burrow.

The common armadillo is the species found in South Carolina. They will dig up lawns and mulched landscaping areas to feed on the insects there. They can destroy landscaping very quickly and this can get costly. So call a removal expert as soon as you see evidence of one burrowing on your property.

Removal and control should be done by professional wildlife experts. We know and understand their behaviors and know how best to deal with the animals.

Armadillo Trapping

Trapping and relocation is usually where the professional will start  when dealing with pest armadillos in Charleston. Trapping is needed and our wildlife professionals know how to do this properly. We have years of trapping experience and know the best way to capture problem wildlife.

Our experts will be able to trap them humanely. We try to stress the animal as little as we can. We have the proper techniques in place and follow proper procedures that maintain a safe removal of pests. Our experts are thoroughly trained and have the correct tools to deal with your pest issues in a quick, efficient, and humane way.