Charleston, SC, April 30, 2020 – With so much focus on bats as a source of COVID-19, people are concerned about bats in Charleston SC. All Things Wild is growing its bat extermination service in response. The company is a licensed and insured wildlife control business located in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Because people are so concerned about coronavirus and bats, we decided to increase our bat extermination services to offer homeowners more peace of mind,” said owner Savannah Phillips. “Bats are a serious problem when they get into someone’s home.”

Though bats have a beneficial place in the environment, eating insects such as mosquitos, if they get into a home, they can be very destructive. And, given COVID-19, the risk of disease is of greater concern. 

Beyond rabies, there is a risk to humans of lung disease coming from the droppings of the bats. Therefore, the sooner these pesky animals are removed from the home, the better.

Removing bats from a home is dangerous and homeowners should not try to do this themselves. They should call a licensed professional wildlife control service. These companies have the training to identify different species, especially ones that are protected, and to remove them safely. 

A technician will come to your home and discover where bats are residing and entering the home. After they determine if the species is protected, they can decide on the proper removal process. Once the animals are removed, the technician seals the entry points to prevent the animals from re-entering the home and makes necessary repairs.

Call All Things Wild today!  They are ready to come out, evaluate the situation, and design a wildlife control solution to remove the animals and get everything back to normal. They have the experience to handle any bat issue. 

All Things Wild is committed to providing excellent residential and commercial services for the humane trapping and removal of wildlife from Charleston area properties.

Find more information and book an appointment at the link above or call (843) 754-5444.

ABOUT All Things Wild

All Things Wild DP, LLC is a licensed, bonded, and insured wildlife control services company based in Charleston, SC. The company’s service area includes towns and cities in the Tri-County Area including Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Ladson, Beaufort, Georgetown, Sumter, and Orangeburg.

All Things Wild is a member of the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Association of America (NWCOA). Their members are professional wildlife removal experts.



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