Wildlife Services

All Things Wild offers many services for wildlife throughout Charleston, SC. Wildlife trapping is probably what most people think of when they think of a wildlife control company. Trapping and removal of unwanted animals is our top job. We also offer a number of other services related to animals and the damage that they may create in your Charleston County home.

Animal Damage Repair

Animal damage repair is often needed when wildlife gets close to your home. Wildlife can tear up plants and dig holes in your yard. They can tear holes in your roof as they look for shelter. Once inside the damage can become much worse. Left untreated animals in the home is the leading cause of home fires.

We have the training to safely remove damaged insulation and other materials. These contaminated materials can often spread disease if not handled properly. We also have the skills to replace the insulation or repair other damages.

Animals can often enter the home through vents, chimneys or soffits. These openings in your home are needed, but they can be properly sealed to prevent animal intrusion. Birds nesting in dryer vents can lead to a fire. Their nesting materials mixed with the heat from the dryer can be deadly.

Wildlife Home Inspections

If you are looking to purchase an Charleston home, one of the things you should do is an inspection. A lot of inspectors won’t look at the home with wild animals in mind. Let us do an inspection to make sure that your home is safe. We will look for any signs of an animal infestation. We will also look for any areas that the wildlife may be entering the home. Frayed wires in the attic are a good sign that you have an animal problem.